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Please mouse over to see answers for questions below..

Why does my business need a Web Site?

  • No one “Needs” one, but without having a web site for your business, you are certainly missing reaching potential customers.
  • Half of all web traffic is now accessed from Mobile devices and 1/4 of that traffic is viewed on Smart Phones. Access to the web, on mobile devices is expected to overtake that of fixed connections – by the end of this year!
  •  If your competitors have web sites, they are advertising with “Your” potential clients in their own business or home without ‘Ringing their doorbell or cold calling’.
Please contact PMF Web Design here. 

I am trying to build my own web site and got stuck, can you help?

  • Yes! PMF Web Design offers mentoring and tutoring as well as repairs and guidance for you to maintain your own web site.
  •  This also happens with do-it-yourself Web Site builders available for an initial low cost that at first (appears to save you money $). In the long run will cost your business time and money to create a desired and productive Web Site. 
      In short, if you are looking for work on a web site, it is worth your time to Please contact PMF Web Design here 

How will my Web Site be found once published on the Web?

A very important piece of what PMF Web Design provides is called Search Engine Optimization.

  • When a potential customer does a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing… or any other Search Engine… Your Web Site needs to be found easily. We will partner with you to see what your target customer audience is.
  • PMF Web Design will register your business Web Site with the applicable Search Engines that best fit your needs.
Please contact PMF Web Design here.